Peter Janis, Exit-Plan’s President and CEO has been an active player in the business community for over 40 years. His vast experience encompasses all areas of business from concept to reality. He has conducted hundreds of workshops around the globe, has been published in a wide range of magazines, co-chaired several organizations and has received numerous industry accolades. His broad knowledge and unique ability to see the ‘pot holes’ that lay ahead has helped guide him throughout his career, culminating in the growth and eventual sale of Radial Engineering Ltd. in 2018, a company that exceeded $20m in revenues with offices in Canada and the United States, warehousing in Europe and sales to over 60 countries around the globe.

Peter is not alone. Exit-Plan makes available a team of experts in disciplines such as finance, human resources, operational management, executive recruitment, marketing, web design and social media along with exceptional relationships with the banking, legal and M&A community.

Today, Peter lives in Vancouver’s lower mainland with his wife Carla and their dog Nero.

“Over the last 35 years of running and growing my manufacturing business, I’ve found there are “book smart” business consultants, and “real world, I’ve done this and lived this”  business consultants. Peter is the latter; he knows what businesses go through and the challenges they face as they grow their business.  Peter is the real deal, and by far, the best person I’ve worked with on my business.  His drive and enthusiasm are contagious. If he was a product sold on Amazon, I’d give him 5 stars!” 

Dave Dunwoodie
President, Graphtech Guitar Labs


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Work History

  • 1976 Steve’s Music Store, Montreal – Retail Sales
  • 1978 Musician, Montreal - Guitar and Keyboards
  • 1980 Lauzon Sound, Ottawa – Pro Audio & High-Tech Sales
  • 1981 Keen Kraft, Edmonton – Pro-Audio & High-Tech Sales
  • 1982 Fender Canada (TMI), Vancouver – Product Manager
  • 1991 MarketPro, Vancouver – Marketing Consultant
  • 1992 Radial Engineering, Vancouver – President & CEO
  • 2018 Exit-Plan, Vancouver – Business Consultant


  • Grew sales with Fender-TMI from $4m in 1982 to $18m in 1990
  • Grew sales with Radial from $3m in 1996 to $20m in 2017
  • Maple Ridge Economic Development Committee – Vice Chair
  • Audio Engineering Society, Vancouver Chapter – Vice Chair

Peter with Stevie Wonder

Peter accepting the BC Export Award

Peter with Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)


  • 2016 Winner British Columbia Export Award for Technology
  • 2016 Profit Magazine Top 500 Fasting Growth Companies in Canada
  • 2016 TEC Award Nominee – Radial DiNET TX & RX Dante Direct Boxes
  • 2016 TEC Award Nominee – Radial BT Pro Bluetooth Direct Box
  • 2016 TEC Award Nominee – Radial Direct Drive Guitar Amp Simulator
  • 2016 TEC Award Nominee – Jensen Twin Servo 500 Series Preamp
  • 2015 TEC Award Nominee – Hafler HA75 Tube Headphone Amplifier
  • 2015 TEC Award Nominee – Radial Space Heater Tube Summing Mixer
  • 2014 TEC Award Nominee – Radial SW8 Backing Track Switcher
  • 2013 TEC Award Nominee – Radial StageBug SB5 Direct Box
  • 2012 TEC Award Nominee – Radial Power Tube 500 Series Preamp
  • 2011 TEC Award Winner – Radial Workhorse 500 Series Rack & Mixer

*The Tec Awards is the professional-audio equivalent to a Grammy or Oscar Award


  • CableTek Acquired
  • Zebracase Conceived
  • Radial Conceived
  • Primacoustic Conceived
  • Tonebone Acquired
  • Reamp Acquired
  • Jensen Acquired
  • Hafler Acquired
  • Dynaco Acquired

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